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IDVO - The Amplify International Enhanced Dividend Income ETF

International investing can be a great way for investors to diversify their portfolio and tap into the growth potential of companies in markets outside of the US. IDVO from Amplify ETFs is one option for investors looking to add international dividend exposure to their portfolio, while also potentially generating income through the use of covered calls.

The IDVO ETF: An Overview (From their website)

IDVO is an ETF of high-quality international large and mid-cap companies through American Depositary Receipts (ADRs) with a history of dividend and earnings growth, along with a tactical covered call strategy on individual securities. Capital Wealth Planning LLC (CWP) serves as the investment sub-adviser to the Fund.
Three Reasons to Own IDVO:
  1. Two Potential Income Streams: IDVO seeks to provide income from international dividend-paying stocks and by opportunistically writing covered calls on those stocks.

  2. Seeks to Lower Volatility: Dividend and option income reduce share price volatility versus the overall market during times of broad-based market declines.

  3. Professionally Managed: Access a professionally managed dividend and option income international investment strategy through the efficiency of an ETF.

Why International? Historically, foreign companies can provide diversification if added to US-only portfolios. In many cases, these companies offer the potential for faster growth than typical domestic companies. Additionally, writing covered calls on these foreign stocks have historically provided higher premiums.Covered Calls: Enhancing Income Potential

One of the unique features of the IDVO ETF is its use of covered calls. Covered calls are a strategy where an investor sells call options on a security they own in order to generate income. The IDVO ETF uses this strategy on a portion of its holdings in order to potentially generate additional income for investors.

By selling call options, the IDVO ETF receives a premium that can be used to increase the income generated by the ETF. If the underlying security is called away, the ETF may realize capital gains, but if not, the ETF can continue to hold the security and sell more call options in the future.

Capital Wealth Planning: A Strong Partner

Amplify ETFs has partnered with Capital Wealth Planning to manage the IDVO ETF. Capital Wealth Planning is also the Sub-adviser of DIVO from Amplify, which has been successful in generating income for investors through its use of covered calls and earned 5 Stars from Morningstar.

Consultant Expertise: Tim Seymour from CNBC's Fast Money

In addition to its partnership with Capital Wealth Planning, IDVO also has the expertise of Tim Seymour. Seymour has experience in international investing and can provide insights and analysis to help the IDVO team make informed investment decisions.

IDVO Website:


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