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MINV - Matthews Asia Innovators Active ETF

How can you invest in innovative companies that are based in mainland China? An index may not cut it! This may require an experienced team because the game is just different over there. First, let's look at investing in the Mainland.

Investing in Mainland China's Innovative Companies

As the world's second-largest economy, mainland China has become a global powerhouse in terms of its innovative prowess. Boasting a vast and growing consumer market, many investors are attracted to the potential of the Chinese market, particularly in the sectors driving innovation. However, investing in mainland China comes with its fair share of challenges.


Rapid economic growth and innovation

China has experienced remarkable economic growth over the past few decades, thanks in part to a focus on innovation. This growth has led to the emergence of numerous innovative companies in sectors such as technology, e-commerce, and renewable energy. These companies have not only disrupted their respective industries but have also attracted significant interest from global investors.

Huge domestic market

With a population of over 1.4 billion people and a burgeoning middle class, mainland China offers a massive domestic market for businesses to tap into. This consumer base provides companies with access to immense demand for innovative products and services, thereby offering investors attractive growth prospects.

Government support

The Chinese government has made innovation a top priority, as evidenced by its "Made in China 2025" plan and other similar initiatives. This support has resulted in favorable policies, subsidies, and funding opportunities for innovative companies, further fueling growth and attracting investors.


Regulatory risks

Investing in Chinese companies can be challenging due to the country's unique regulatory environment. The Chinese government has been known to abruptly change regulations, which can have a significant impact on businesses operating in the country. Foreign investors may find it difficult to navigate these regulatory shifts and may be subject to additional restrictions and scrutiny.

Intellectual property concerns

Although China has made strides in improving its intellectual property (IP) laws, many investors still have concerns about IP protection in the country. The risk of technology and trade secret theft, along with challenges in enforcing IP rights, can be a deterrent for investors seeking to capitalize on the country's innovative companies.

Geopolitical tensions

Geopolitical tensions between China and other countries, particularly the United States, have led to an increasingly uncertain global landscape. Trade disputes, sanctions, and other political issues can have a direct impact on Chinese companies and their ability to operate internationally. This volatility can make it more challenging for investors to assess the potential risks and rewards associated with investing in innovative Chinese companies.

Limited transparency and corporate governance

Some investors are concerned about the lack of transparency and corporate governance standards among Chinese companies. This can make it difficult for investors to obtain accurate financial information and assess management quality, both of which are critical factors when evaluating investment opportunities.


Investing in mainland China's innovative companies offers tremendous potential for growth and attractive returns, thanks to the country's rapid economic development, vast domestic market, and government support. However, it is essential for investors to carefully weigh the challenges, including regulatory risks, intellectual property concerns, geopolitical tensions, and corporate governance issues.

Let's look at the MINV ETF from Mathews Asia:

From their Website:

Under normal circumstances, the Matthews Asia Innovators Active ETF seeks to achieve its investment objective by investing at least 80% of its net assets, which include borrowings for investment purposes, in the common and preferred stocks of companies located in Asia that Matthews believes are innovators in their products, services, processes, business models, management, use of technology, or approach to creating, expanding or servicing their markets. The Fund seeks to invest in companies capable of sustainable growth based on the fundamental characteristics of those companies, including balance sheet information; number of employees; size and stability of cash flow; management’s depth, adaptability and integrity; product lines; marketing strategies; corporate governance; and financial health.

Fund Website: Link


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